Wisdomland Education Group was established with the mission of inspiring and nurturing the creative potential and intelligence of children from an early age. It comprises two distinctive brands: Wisdomland Signature (located at Diamond Island and Imperia) and Wisdomland International Preschool (with campuses in Binh Thanh, Go Vap, and District 6). Both brands draw inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach and aim to provide a unique and comprehensive educational program for young children, enabling them to immerse themselves in both Vietnamese and international cultures.

Wisdomland Signature

Wisdomland International


Our multilingual program includes English, Vietnamese and Mandarin. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged through nutritious meals and a rich sports program: Swimming, Vovinam, Modern Dance, Aerobics and Yoga.

International Baccalaureate Primary School Program (IB PYP)

At Wisdomland Signature we implement the IB PYP for children from 3 to 6 years old.

The curriculum integrates the Reggio Emilia® Approach

The core idea is that education must be student-centered.

Develop awareness and soft skills

A variety of strategies for exploring different themes and learning through play.

Qualified teaching staff

With the aim of providing children with the quality education they deserve in their early years.

Multicultural environment

Supporting children’s open-mindedness with a cultural rich environment and English as the main language of communication.

Healthy lifestyle

Orient children to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, while encouraging them to express their creativity.

Meaningful activities and events with positive educational values.

With the goal of involving the whole learning community in the children’s learning journey.


Parent of Rahel Jaren Wickremesinghe

The teaching at Wisdomland DI has been excellent and it has really built a strong foundation in my son’s learning journey. The classrooms are well-equipped, bright, inviting, and tidy. The extra-curricular activities and

field trips have been great. Overall, it’s a wonderful preschool and we highly recommend it.

Parent of Liliana Alicja Osowska

I'm delighted that my daughter joined Wisdomland. Teachers are amiable and patient, they know how to create a friendly atmosphere in the class. Another big plus of Wisdomland is many interesting activities like

swimming, dancing, yoga, vovinam, Mandarin... It's the perfect place for kids' development - a lot of different nationalities in one place will open her eyes to the world. My baby gets a lot of skills and knowledge! Wisdomland is a good choice!

Parent of Pham Gia Han

Gia Han has been studying at DI since 2021. I can see her improvements and progress throughout the years with her pronunciation, knowledge, and behavior in class and I’m really satisfied with this. The teachers also

made me secure when they took good care of the students and connected with parents. In summary, we had 3 years of happiness with the school and we are grateful for that.

Parent of Nguyen Quang Dang

Wisdomland DI's space is truly great for all children's activities. I have three children studying here and they all have extremely happy school days. The school helps my children become confident and they can

communicate and speak English fluently. They love their school.

Parent of Nguyen Tran Kha Nhi

Both of my children attend Wisdomland. The school's English program has been particularly beneficial for their development. They exhibit natural fluency, a strong fondness for English, and can communicate effectively with

foreigners. Everything is going well, and I am very pleased. Thank you to the teachers for loving and teaching them with all your heart.

Parent of Ho Minh Bao

Thanks to the dedication and nurturing care, not only from the teachers but also from the staff at school, my son has transformed from a shy, quiet baby into a confident, active, well-mannered boy today. We are

truly grateful for the school's well-built and diversified curriculum, which keeps the kids interested and engaged in a wide range of topics throughout the term.